GF Staff Recruitment Opens

Gaming Furever is looking for active gaming enthusiasts in our community of furry gamers that are interested in finding and reporting on anthro-centric gaming news, demoing and previewing upcoming games from up-and-coming developers, and playing and reviewing newly released games within our furry interest zone. Even if you don’t believe you’ll be able to contribute a lot weekly, feel free to contact us and let us know what you’d be up for! We want to be the preeminent place for news, previews, and reviews of furry games, and even the smallest amount of help helps! Below, we’ve laid out the type of staff activities we’re looking for, in various capacities. Each bullet point is its own task, and won't be required of every staff member.

Furry Game News Reporting

  • Find and link to breaking and relevant news, updates, cosmetic DLCs, characters, and anything that fits into the “furry” and animal-based gaming genre and link to them in the Discord.
  • Edit and post news that is found to and relevant social sites

Game Previewing & Demos

  • Discover upcoming games being developed for Steam and other platforms that involve anthros/furries and link to them in the Discord.
  • Edit and post previews of upcoming games (even without demos) with your thoughts, relevant furry details, and social media sources for game/developer.
  • Play demos of upcoming games and upload videos of the playthrough to GF and Social Media
  • Add games to the GF Furry Game Database

Game Reviewing & Playing

  • Write reviews of games featuring furries in any capacity and post them on GF and share on our social media platforms.
  • Livestream and post your playthrough/live review of games featuring furries/animals in any capacity on GF and our social media platforms.
  • Occasionally receive review keys to play the game and then post reviews on our website or our Uncivil Gamers YT channel.

Editor & Writer

  • Interest in writing opinion pieces or editorials on GF
    • These include things like “How Sonic changed the gaming landscape” or “Top 5 upcoming Indie Games featuring Foxes”
  • Editor for received/posted news, previews, and reviews from other contributors. Posting these articles to GF and Social Media for the site.
  • Social Media manager that keeps and eye out for relevant news and shares them on our social platforms.

If any of these tasks sound like the type of thing you’d enjoy (or you already do in your free time) please reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., me personally at @DaxelTheDeer on Telegram, or @Daxel on Discord, with what you’d be interested in contributing as Staff on Gaming along with where it’s best to contact you (preferably Discord or Telegram.) If you have previous examples of content you have posted (either on another site or to your own X/Twitter/Bluesky/etc. account,) please include that as well. Our staff communication will take place on Discord, so having a Discord account will be required. Feel free to join our Discord server here if you want to get to know everybody and join in! NOTE: Content posted on Gaming Furever will not be restricted to Gaming Furever. We want to be a hub for our community to come and find fantastic furry creators and enthusiasts. You are free to post your content on your own timelines, video channels, and sites.

We can’t wait to meet all of you! If you’ve been a part of GF before and want to join back up, you’re more than welcome back aboard! If you’re a newcomer, we hope you’ll give us a shout!

Welcome one and all to the newly relaunched Gaming Furever!

Some of you may remember GF! We first launched in 2011 as a place where furries and anthro video game enthusiasts could come together to discuss current happenings, get the latest gaming news for games featuring furries of all sorts, and to host a database of every type of game featuring animal anthros (or games where you play as an animal.) We grew over the next 10 years to host an incredibly talented group of volunteer staff and writers who streamed a bevy of games, published quality editorials and reviews only found on GF, and facilitated many new friendships for visitors to the site and community. 

In the late 2010s, life for me, as the head of the site, was in flux and busier than ever. It became hard to put as much of a focus on GF as it truly deserved, and maintaining the website in a secure manner became too much of a responsibility to keep it going. To top it off, 2020 was what it was for everyone, and it felt like a good time to go on a bit of a hiatus. Important word: hiatus!

Turning the page to 2022, and things started to steady out, in a good way for me IRL. I got a job that has me traveling a lot, but also kept sparking those treasured gaming memories from the times spent with GF members and staff. My wife and I moved to Texas and settled down, and we really bonded over the ability to play games together while apart, and enjoyed discussing and playing those games over voice with friends new and old. Something about those shared experiences over the past two years drove me to start developing Gaming Furever anew.

Now, we’ve arrived here, at a brand new, yet familiar place. We’ve slimmed down what GF was to these four focuses: Furry Game News, Furry Game Archive, Community, and Streaming. We want to be able to stick to weekly schedules that you can come to expect quality content from, while adding in an extra helping of fun on top of a welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, we want to be a site with a heart that beats to video gaming and all of its aspects that is accessible to those who consider themselves fully “furry” or those who just want to know what “we” think of games that feature our favorite anthros and animals. We hope to review, stream, and discuss all kinds of games that allow us to discover new ways of portraying furries and anthros and everything in-between! It’s an exciting prospect that we loved delivering on for all those years and can’t wait to do so again.

So! We hope you’ll join us here by registering for an account and getting involved, following us on our social media channels (links at the top and bottom of all pages), and by following our three stream team members for Uncivil Gamers. We will post all of our news articles, weekly furry game archive additions, and upcoming giveaways through streams on our Twitter/X and Facebook pages. If you find a bug or have a concern, please email us at gamingfurever(at)

Happy Gaming, and welcome back to Gaming Furever, “A Different Breed of Gamers!”


Announcing the Official Stream Team of Gaming Furever, "Uncivil Gamers"

This will be the calling card for all things GF Streaming! Featuring a team of streamers who get together often to play games, have a good time, and interact with the GF community. They'll be hosting giveaways, events, and more throughout the year. We have lots of big things planned for the future, including 24-hour streams, charity events, podcasts, and new furry-centric game release parties. If you're interested in participating in some of our streams, be sure to join the Uncivil Gamers Discord by clicking here!

The Team:

DaxelTheDeer - Streams primarily party games, Rocket League, single player adventure games, and other furry games.

The_Valraven - Streams mainly cooperative horror, survival, and first-person shooters.

MentrumGaming - Streams mostly first-person shooters and driving/automotive games.

Also join us over on to follow/subscribe to the madness!

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