We report on furry-centric video game news, new releases, and upcoming games in that spirit. We also serve as a community for gamers who are interested in these types of games. Additionally, we strive to publish a varied and intriguing series of editorial works from talented, aspiring, and proven writers. Though we operate under this designation, we endeavor to be professional and enjoyed by any person, furry or not. We know we're not alone in this big wide web of communities and websites. What Gaming Furever has that is special is a focus on anthropomorphized and animal characters that is never far away. Also, our staff are down to earth and never afraid to interact with the community. We know you'll have a good time here, no matter your age. We want this site to be a place you can find other gamers to play with, plan events, and have a good time. If you are looking for those things, then this will be a special place for you!