Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville
Welcome aboard, detectives!

The demo for the newest installment in the World of Wilderness series is coming! Step into the shoes of detectives Moses and Plato, familiar faces from previous title. A crime is happening on the train, and the prime suspect? None other than Detective Moses himself. It's up to you to crack the case aboard the luxurious Clawville Express before it reaches its final destination. The demo will be released May 9th, 2024. Gaming Furever will be sure to post a preview with our thoughts once it arrives! For now, check out the new demo teaser trailer here:

Moses and Plato - Last Train to Clawville combines elements of point-and-click gameplay with a visual novel-style investigative adventure. Act quickly to expose the real perpetrator and unravel the murder mystery, or risk being framed as part of a global conspiracy of the Wilderness!

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