Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville


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Play and interrogate 12 furry characters on a train
Moses, Plato

It is a story-rich investigative adventure with point & click, and visual novel elements where you play as Moses & Plato, two clueless detectives embroiled in a wild case while traveling on the famous luxury train, the Clawville Express. When the client you are supposed to protect, an ambassador on a peace mission, is murdered, you become the main suspect!

Be the slyest fox detective and find a killer in a race against time. Time progresses as you sniff out clues, eavesdrop on conversations, and interrogate passengers. Can you solve the case before the train reaches the last station? If not, war can break out between the two biggest powers of the Wilderness!


  • Detective work (Mind Garden) - Put your deductive skills to the test. Utilize your conspiracy board and connect all the clues.
  • Find clues using your animal senses - Use your sense of smell, sight, and hearing, and of course all your fox cunning, to uncover the secrets of the passengers.
  • Interrogate the suspects - 12 travelers waiting to meet you. And you know very well that they all hold secrets.
  • Explore the train, uncover mysteries - Discover a train full of secrets and mysteries. Leave no room unexplored. Each cabin hides something, as are its inhabitants.
  • Race against the clock - Time is not waiting for you! Everything you do takes time so you should always think carefully about what you do before the train reaches its final destination!
  • Play it again… and see a new perspective - The more you play, the more you uncover. Do things differently and reveal a new point of view every time.

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