Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville Preview & Demo Playthrough

Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville immediately gained my attention from the premise: A murder mystery aboard a train? I love these types of things - Ace Attorney is one of my favorite franchises and this game definitely gave me those vibes. 

Moses and his partner Plato are police detectives whose task is to protect the ambassador from the fictional country Stowonia as he embarks on a train ride to some peace negotiations. The game starts with the two outside the train station waiting for the Clawville Express. As they wait, the various other passengers arrive and the player gets the chance to interact with them by clicking on them and striking up conversations. Players can also check out the environment and visit Moses’ mental Mind Garden, where they can review clues, characters and lore. I like the idea of being able to go back over notes at times and double checking what details might be important. An inventory also exists where players can examine items and even use them on other characters or the environment. The demo sadly doesn’t utilize this but I appreciate it being an option and something I could see being very useful down the line.

Fresh Fur: New Game Releases for May 13-19, 2024

Welcome to "Fresh Fur!" Our weekly installment going over the newest game releases, and which ones you can expect to find anthros/furries in!

Check the list below for all the games we could find with animal/anthro influences and characters.

New Releases for the week of May 13-19, 2024:

  • Baladins [PC] - May 15
  • BioMutant [Switch] - May 14
  • My Little Pony—A Zephyr Heights Mystery [PC PS5 PS4 XBX XB1 NS] - May 17
  • Morbid: The Lords of Ire [PC PS5 XBX XB1 NS] - May 17
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut [PC]
  • Lorelei and the Laser Eyes [PC NS] - May 16
  • Read Only Memories: Neurodiver [PC PS5 XBX NS] - May 16
  • Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution [PS5 PS4 NS] - May 14
  • Fabledom [PC] - May 13
  • Homeworld 3 [PC] - May 13
  • The Land Beneath Us [PC PS5 XBX NS] - May 13
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition [PS5 PS4 NS PC XBX] - May 14
  • Arcadia: Colony [Switch, PC] - May 16
  • Men of War 2 [PC] - May 15
  • Mullet MadJack [PC] - May 15
  • Touhou Genso Wanderer -Foresight- [PC] - May 15

Furry & Animal Indie Steam Game Finds:

These games were found in the New Releases section of Steam this week and will be updated as more come out throughout the week!

Venture to the Vile (Game Demo)

I travelled to Rainybrook for a quick playthrough of the "Venture to the Vile" game being released May 22, 2024. Developed by Cut to Bits Studio and Aniplex, Inc., Venture to the Vile is a snappy 2.5D Metroidvania. I enjoyed the introduction to its movement and combat mechanics, and it looks like the origin story and pursuit of your doe-faced wife is going to be an intriguing ride.

Here's the Steam Description: "Dive into the strange town of Rainybrook, taken over by the “Vile” in this 2.5D metroidvania! Fight your way through treacherous terrains and defeat formidable bosses to absorb their powers! Will you save the town and find your missing friend Ella — or will you give in to the monster you've become?"

Check out Daxel's demo playthrough highlights here:

Wishlist the game here:

Watch the full playthrough Twitch replay here on DaxelTheDeer's Twitch Channel

Moses & Plato - Last Train to Clawville
Welcome aboard, detectives!

The demo for the newest installment in the World of Wilderness series is coming! Step into the shoes of detectives Moses and Plato, familiar faces from previous title. A crime is happening on the train, and the prime suspect? None other than Detective Moses himself. It's up to you to crack the case aboard the luxurious Clawville Express before it reaches its final destination. The demo will be released May 9th, 2024. Gaming Furever will be sure to post a preview with our thoughts once it arrives! For now, check out the new demo teaser trailer here:

Moses and Plato - Last Train to Clawville combines elements of point-and-click gameplay with a visual novel-style investigative adventure. Act quickly to expose the real perpetrator and unravel the murder mystery, or risk being framed as part of a global conspiracy of the Wilderness!

Check out the previous entry from the World of Wilderness, 
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Trying EVERY Furry Game Demo in the Steam Deckbuilders Fest 2024

I went through the ENTIRE Steam Deckbuilding Fest list of games that had demos available and grabbed em all! I played them on stream at and I've listed them all here below! There are some gems in here and I'm looking forward to playing them when they release!

Minecraft Adds 8 New Wolf Variations

Eight new wolf variations have been added to the testing versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and preview and Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot. These include: Pale, Rusty, Spotted, Black, Striped, Snowy, Ashen, Woods, and Chestnut. The developers of these newly released furry pal variations are looking for feedback as well.


Dyeable wolf armor is also available to test, and it's gotten an upgrade. Wolf armor absorbs all enemy damage until it breaks. Wolf-health-parity came with the most recent Bedrock Preview and Beta, meaning every wolf across both editions of Minecraft will now have 40 hearts when fully grown (Bedrock wolves only had 20 previously. Keeping your wolf armor in top condition will keep your wolf healthy while it’s adventuring by your side. Wolf armor that needs repairing will show cracks, and you can repair it using armadillo scutes.

Instructions for how to add these testable new wolf colors and armors are in the original Minecraft Article link below!

Original article:

Sonic X Shadow Generations Announced

Announced during Sony's Playstation "State of Play" Event, Shadow the Hedgehog is back with Classic and Modern Sonic in SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS, an all-new collection featuring two unique experiences. Play as Shadow the Hedgehog in a brand-new story campaign featuring never-before-seen powers and abilities that prove why he’s known as the Ultimate Life Form! SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS also includes a complete remaster of the classic hit SONIC GENERATIONS, featuring newly remastered versions of iconic 2D and 3D stages with upgraded visuals and new bonus content, including 60+ frames per second.

SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS is coming to PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, STEAM, and Epic in Autumn 2024.

Visit to learn more

The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards have grown in popularity over the years, and with that audience comes the chance for developers to debut the games they've been working on for the past year that they're ready to announce. Here at Gaming Furever, we have a soft spot for games featuring anthropomorphic characters, or animals in general. To that end, we've compiled a narrowed down list of the games we saw that showed off a little animal influence.

Pictured: Howl, Super Mario RPG, Spirittea

Welcome to "Fresh Fur!" Our weekly installment going over the newest game releases, and which ones you can expect to find anthros/furries in!

Check the list below for all the games we could find with animal/anthro influences and characters.

New Releases for the week of November 12-18:

  • Spirittea [PC, XSX, XBO, Switch] – November 13
  • Ark: Survival Ascended [XSX] – November 14
  • Farming Simulator 22: Premium Edition [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO] – November 14
  • Gods of the Twilight [PC] – November 14
  • Hogwarts Legacy [Switch] – November 14
  • Howl [PC, Switch] – November 14
  • UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves [PC] - November 14
  • Checkmate Showdown [PC] – November 15
  • The Last Faith [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – November 15
  • Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master [PC] – November 15
  • Teardown [PS5, XSX] – November 15
  • Astlibra Revision [Switch] – November 16
  • Dredge: The Pale Reach DLC [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – November 16
  • Flashback 2 [PC, PS5, XSX] – November 16
  • Jagged Alliance 3 [PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO] – November 16
  • The Kindeman Remedy [PC] – November 16
  • Loddlenaut [PC] – November 16
  • Tobor [PC] – November 16
  • Naruto X Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – November 17
  • Persona 5 Tactica [PC, XSX, XBO] – November 17
  • Super Mario RPG [Switch] – November 17
  • The Walking Dead: Destinies [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – November 17
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin [PC, PS5, XSX] – November 17

*Highlighted games have furry/animal influences/characters

Pictured: Hero Survival, Dave the Diver, Kickback Slug

Welcome to "Fresh Fur!" Our weekly installment going over the newest game releases, and which ones you can expect to find anthros/furries in!

Check the list below for all the games we could find with animal/anthro influences and characters.

New Releases for the week of October 22-28:

  • Dungeon Full Dive [PC] – October 23
  • Just Dance 2024 Edition [PS5, XSX, Switch] – October 23
  • Three Minutes To Eight [PC] – October 23
  • Cities Skylines 2 [PC, PS5, XSX] – October 24
  • Dark Envoy [PC] – October 24
  • The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria [PC] – October 24
  • Metal Gear Solid Master Collection: Volume 1 [PC, PS5, XSX, Switch] – October 24
  • Dave the Diver [Switch] – October 26
  • Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord [PSVR 2] – October 26
  • Ghostrunner 2 [PC, PS5, XSX] – October 26
  • Kickback Slug: Cosmic Courier [PC] – October 26
  • Alan Wake 2 [PC, PS5, XSX] – October 27
  • Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion - Complete Edition [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO] – October 27
  • Hero Survival [PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – October 27

*Highlighted games have furry/animal influences/characters