Sunset Hills-A Wholesome Hand-Drawn Puzzle Adventure

Navigate mysteries, aid others, solve crimes, and dodge pursuits in a serene Victorian-inspired world inhabited by cute puppies in CottonGame's upcoming hand-drawn puzzle adventure, Sunset Hills. The Kickstarter campaign for the first 2 of 5 chapters has launched and is well on its way to being full funded! Keep reading to find out a bit more info about the game straight from the campaign details, or go and wishlist the game on Steam! Check out CottonGame's other published indie titles on their website.

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Sunset Hills is a story set in the early 19th century in a fictional world. Nico, the protagonist, is a veteran who adopts a writing career after the war

7 years later, Nico publishes his first novel. Carrying a copy and a notebook with him, Nico starts traveling around the world by train, to seek his old comrades.

During his journey, Nico gets to meet all kinds of people, witness all kinds of things, run into all kinds of troubles, and solve all kinds of problems by all kinds of means. With all these experiences Nico begins to recall his old memories of the war piece by piece. Eventually the player will see the true intention of Nico's journey.


During his journey, Nico experiences a variety of people and events, and meets his comrades who go through fire and water together during the war. They all lead different lives, and from words and memories, they gradually learn about the war and Nico's past, ultimately revealing the true purpose of his trip.


The beautifully illustrated art style, 3D scenes and 2D characters, depict a relaxing and peaceful post-war world, containing over hundreds of puppies of varying shapes and personalities and Victorian-inspired city buildings.


Solve unknown troubles, help others, assist in solving crimes, and evade chases. Players will also enter Nico's memories and learn about Nico's past experiences during the war, as reality and the past intertwine to reveal the whole story a little bit.


Pointing and clicking puzzle game, obtaining information and clues from conversations, interacting through scenes to obtain a variety of items and props, and then using, combining, and disassembling them with the right props to find a solution, and continuing to discover new mechanisms in the content that follows.


Sunset Hills adopts the art style of picture books, featuring bright colors and subtly abstract forms.

The way of interactions are inspired by the aesthetics of picture books and comics as well, allowing players to immerse themselves into the fantasy world.


Game scenes are created by combining 3D environment and 2D characters, which provides players with fresh experience.

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