Minecraft Adds 8 New Wolf Variations

Eight new wolf variations have been added to the testing versions of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and preview and Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot. These include: Pale, Rusty, Spotted, Black, Striped, Snowy, Ashen, Woods, and Chestnut. The developers of these newly released furry pal variations are looking for feedback as well.


Dyeable wolf armor is also available to test, and it's gotten an upgrade. Wolf armor absorbs all enemy damage until it breaks. Wolf-health-parity came with the most recent Bedrock Preview and Beta, meaning every wolf across both editions of Minecraft will now have 40 hearts when fully grown (Bedrock wolves only had 20 previously. Keeping your wolf armor in top condition will keep your wolf healthy while it’s adventuring by your side. Wolf armor that needs repairing will show cracks, and you can repair it using armadillo scutes.

Instructions for how to add these testable new wolf colors and armors are in the original Minecraft Article link below!

Original article: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/new-minecraft-wolves

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