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Your profile pic is SUPER ADORABLE!!! Can I pet him?

Boyfriend picked up copies of Fantasy Life! Can't wait to see how the game is!

Just got my Psun account all set up for Beatmania IIDX 21: Spada..... tooo bad I have been torturing myself with the released videos for 22: Pendual... Show more

SefHighwind added a new comment in Why Are Simulation Games Fun? 2 years ago

Fantastic piece! You have captured why simulation games are a lot of fun! Even the buggy ones!

Excited for Megaplex in a few days. I have been busting my ass, literately, practicing for the dance comp! My music choice is melody of IIDX songs!

SefHighwind replied to the topic 'Tomodachi Life QR codes' in the forum. 2 years ago

I just picked the game up! So here is Sef for anyone who wants him!


SefHighwind uploaded a video. 2 years ago

Lat two parts of my go about on Airport Simulator are finally up!

Sef Plays Airport Simulator 2014 Part 9

Things go from bad to worse when Sef discovers a dirty trick to this wonderful game.

So I am thinking of trying to speed run stuff. I am currently compiling a list of games I think I could do well at, and I have three of them down... Show more

SefHighwind created a new topic ' What should be played next?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hey all, Sef Highwind here! So I saw my friend and co-worker, Acharky, did a pole in what you folks would like to see him play next. So... I would like to propose what I have been considering. For those who don't know, I have been hard at work playing the always fun Airport Simulator 2014, but alas that is coming to an end soon. So here are four games for you lovely fuzzbutts to pick! Make me proud! ^^

So I might now what I'll be doing for my next let's play. I just need to finish off Airport simulator! ><

Streaming Watch_Dogs!

I have been enjoying Watch_Dogs! Too bad I can't play it for a while... need to focus on getting stuff done for the site!

SefHighwind replied to the topic 'GLITCHES' in the forum. 2 years ago

If you ever want a fun game to glitch out, then just play Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast or Gamecube! I have so much fun getting characters into other levels, or just finding new ways to make the game unplayable.

Here are my two favorite glitches for both games (if you want to do these, you have to play the Dreamcast or Gamecube versions. The majority of the glitches were removed from the PSN XBLA versions):

Sonic Adventure 1: It is always a blast getting Tails into Emerald Cost! Just take tails to the corner of the pool area at the Station Square Hotel with the umbrella. Then just fly with the booster upgrade, and he will go through the wall. Just navigate him behind the gate to get him in! It is the easiest glitch to do in that game, but for me it is always fun to do it!

Sonic Adventure 2: If you are quick enough, then it is possible to force the GUN truck back up the hill at the end of City Escape. If you can push it back all the way, the truck will fall into a pit and crash. This allows you to pick up the rest of the rings on that section of the game.

Wow.... I forgot how much time you can kill on a game of Civ 5. I had no idea it was 4am ><

Hehe, History Repeating Red, BEST ALBUM OF 2014 SO FAR!

KotierWolf is friends with SefHighwind

So does anyone else have History Repeating: Red by The Megas on Pre-order?

SefHighwind replied to the topic 'What Bands Are You Listening To???' in the forum. 2 years ago

Welll... this is gonna be fun. I listen to way too much stuff, however I will list out the bands I've been listening to a lot recently:

Daft Punk
Billy Joel
The Megas
The Doors
Super Star Mitsuru
Mad Child

SefHighwind replied to the topic 'Favorite Class' in the forum. 2 years ago

Generally I am playing as a ranger class or any sort of class with a long reach. Though it is nice to dual class with short swords just in case I need to get up close and personal! ^^

SefHighwind uploaded a video. 2 years ago

The next part of my Airport Simulator Let's Play is up!

Sef Plays Airport Simulator 2014 Part 6

Dang... Green Mile Airline is amazing! First aircraft to actually have detailing inside the cargo hold! I'm... shocked....

SefHighwind posted a new discussion2 years ago

Favorite Style? (AKA, Favorite Game)

So yes, it all boils down to this. Since the game's inception, out of the 22 styles, yes we are counting IIDX 1 Substream, what style is your...

Beatmania Furs
SefHighwind has changed the cover of the group, Beatmania Furs 2 years ago
Vdrift thanks user 'SefHighwind' in the forum message ' Would You Rather'. 2 years ago
SefHighwind replied to the topic 'Star Fox Adventures (aka Dinosaur Planet)' in the forum. 2 years ago

I still stand by this game as a great Rare Game! It was the last Rare game I fully enjoyed before they went down hill when they were bought by Microsoft.

SefHighwind replied to the topic 'Well hello!' in the forum. 2 years ago

Welcome to GF! Nice to see another Sega and Sonic Fan! Feel free to chat with me as well as join the GF Sonic group!