Fire Emblem Heroes: The Year of the Beast
16 January
Published in: Furry Gaming News

They might say that this is the Year of the Pig, but as far as I’m concerned 2019 will be the Year of the Beast, with the hugely popular mobile title, Fire Emblem: Heroes, finally getting beast units as of earlier this month! The first confirmed units (all from the Radiant Series) will be Tibarn, Leanne, Reyson and Nailah.
These are all great (especially Tibarn), but this got me thinking though … what fluffs, birbs, or dergons did I want to come to the game? After all, if you include the sprinkling of beast units over the more recent titles, there’s a fair few to choose from. So, here you go, my five picks of beasts I want to see in Fire Emblem: Heroes!