Welcome to the New Gaming Furever!
23 April
Published in: GF Announcements

Welcome to the brand-spanking new Gaming Furever! 

We've changed a lot around here, including what we're going to try to be to the fandom moving forward. For years, we've had a database of furry game information. While this was cool to have as a reference for those who may not know all there is to know about furry games and their history, it was a large undertaking for the small staff we have. Thankfully, the furry gaming scene continues to grow at an increasing rate, and we're moving our focus to covering updates to those games which include anthropomorphic characters, or especially animal-driven titles.

We are also reinvigorating our community scene! We want to have social hangouts, gaming meetups online, tournaments, and more! That's where fun happens and friendships are built, and we want to help facilitate that. We're bringing in staff with a passion for gaming and a knack for being friendly and peppy, and with experience running gaming events & tournaments online and in the real world. This should help keep things from getting stagnant around here less often.

Of course, you may also notice that the previous site data, including articles, reviews, forums, and users was wiped. We did this for a number of reasons, and have held out from doing it in the past. Here they are:

  1. Plug up Security Holes that may have been lingering from past updates
  2. Eliminate out-dated components of the site that cluttered up performance
  3. Reduce the amount of content that was expected to be maintained, allowing us to focus our efforts on being the best at what we do tackle
  4. Amp-up the user registration and activation system
  5. Eliminate the chance that previously uploaded user content went against our updated Terms of Service

Out with the old, in with the new! Speaking of new, we're very excited to welcome a brand new staff team here at GF. Instead of having a huge stable of staff, we decided to go with a smaller, more dedicated team who can bring their own individual experiences to the site in awesome ways. We hope you'll get to know them as they spend their time on the site, heading up social gaming events, and more!

So there you have it! Follow us here on the site for news, a growing community of gamers, and more! Invite your clan/guild to set up a group over on the community, find local furs to have RPG meet-ups or hangouts, make friends and chat em up, upload your favorite screenshots or personal art to the community, set up your profile with your gamertag or PSN name and more! There's lots to do! Make GF your own!