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Impressions: Final Fantasy X HD

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Enigma expressed his thoughts and opinions on the HD rerelease of Final Fantasy X, which includes the content previously only found in the International version of the game.

Monday, 21 April 2014 00:00

Memories of Beatmania IIDX

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Yup, this week I am talking about my favorite rhythm game on the face of the planet, Beatmania IIDX! What is that? Never heard of this game? Do not worry, a lot of folks have never heard of it either. Why? Because this arcade classic is mostly only found in Japan, with very few arcades having it in the states.

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The Roost: Samus and Rocket Heels

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So ever since Super Smash Bros. Direct earlier this month certain people have gotten into a bit of a tiffy over Zero Suit Samus’ new design. Particularly the fact that it’s the “Other M” design and that she now has high heels...that are rockets…video games are weird.

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Nostalgia Goggles 012: The New-Age Retro?

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Alright, recovering from how over-the-top last time was, here’s the idea that I originally had before the Nostalgia Critic got into my feels and my mind.

Here’s a simple question; what is it about simplicity that people love so dearly? Especially gamers, who nigh-constantly seek some form of a challenge; even going so far as to make their own if they see fit.

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The Roost: Rise of the MOBA

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Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, or MOBAs as they’re often called, are a big deal these days, but have you ever wondered where they came from? Today, we’ll examine the origins, and rise, of the MOBA genre, from Defence of the Ancients to SMITE.But before we can talk about how MOBAs started there is a very important question we should answer first: What is a MOBA?

Warning: Though I try to be vague, there may be general spoilers for the game. I take no responsibility for this. Read at your own risk.

Continuing my impressions series, this week I will talk about another game that has been on my mind since I finished playing it. Recently, I used my Bioshock: Infinite season pass to get Burial at Sea: Episode 2. Partly to see the conclusion of Burial at Sea, and partly to see how the new stealth-based gameplay altered the overall experience, I braved Rapture one last time.

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Some Thoughts on Lords of Shadow 2 DLC

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I've been spending a good amount of time with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 lately. Despite a lot of the gripes I stated in my review, I still wanted to play more of the game, mostly because of my completest nature. I wanted to get all the collectables, see what achievements I could obtain, and beat the game at its hardest difficulty. One month later and Mercury Steam has released some DLC content for LoS2 available on 360, PS3, and Steam. Rather than just give a review I thought it would be more fitting to share my thoughts on the content like my buddy Asher likes to do here. Before I get to the big story DLC pack, I want to talk about a couple of the smaller pieces of content available for the game.

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Impressions: Persona 4 Golden

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So, it has been far too long since I have written anything about video games. In order to remedy this, I am going to stop holding myself to the standard long-form Press Start to Discuss articles you have all come to expect from me. I still hope to produce those on occasion, but in order to make sure something gets produced at some point in time I will start trying to post articles discussing game-related things that are on my mind. These articles will not need to be tied into a specific overall theme, presented in a more “stream of consciousness” style. With that said....

Lately, I have spent an inordinate amount of time playing Persona 4 Golden, the Vita remake of the original Persona 4, released on the PS2. This new version of the game added a lot of new features and almost totally changes that game. I decided to spent this article detailing the biggest of those changes and how they affect the overall experience of the player.

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On Writing Reviews...

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Before I began working for Gaming Furever almost a year ago I had a very different perception of reviews. I used to have this idealist interpretation where staff members for gaming websites were given a copy of a game well before release and just had to casually play through it and write out their thoughts. In reality I learned that it’s quite a labor to write a good review in a timely manner, and the Titanfall review specifically was probably the hardest I’ve ever had to work for an original piece.

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Nostalgia Goggles 011: Nothing's Changed...

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Alright, so, this is going to be one of those ‘odd’ Nostalgia Goggles installments, where I HAD an idea that I was fully willing to write, but a much bigger idea came to me just before publishing time that I absolutely couldn’t pass up. So next time around I’ll be working on my original idea, but first…

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Some Thoughts On Dark Souls

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For those who may have never taken their first steps, or who started it and gave up in frustration, I highly encourage you to give Dark Souls a good try. The game is not impenetrable by any means, and no matter how you decide to explore the world of Lordran. I guarantee that if you work hard enough and keep at it, you’ll have a journey that you will never forget.

Well here we are, 10 installations into this little series. Time to tack on an unnecessary digit.

Last time around I took a look back on the rise, fall, and continued fall of games whom owe their titles, characters, and plotlines to a movie. Attempting to give players the feeling of having some impact on the events of one of their favorite films. A concept that, while noble and fun in itself; is fundamentally flawed in its execution.

Now however, I’d like to take a look at the reverse. A practice that even dates back to some of the earliest games ever to be made on home console; and can be just as disastrous as the reverse. For those of us whom have either lived it, or have been piqued by curiosity enough to look into it, I probably need not mention the utter calamity that was the Super Mario Bros. movie; and for those of you fortunate enough to have never heard of this… Well, you’ve made the mistake of reading in this far.

Friday, 07 March 2014 18:47

Sef's Obscure Game Gallery: Burning Rangers

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In the far off future, the world has grown as well as the technology around it. With new technology our lives become safer and easier. Crime is at an all time low, new safety procedures have been incorporated in every major business, and the risk of fire is now a thing of the past. Fires have become so few and far in-between that the world has created an elite firefighting team. Now when a major fire breaks out, the world turns to this team to take action and save people! This team is known as The Burning Rangers!

Saturday, 01 March 2014 15:46

Nostalgia Goggles 09: Big Screen to Big Flop

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I still remember the first time; back in the late 90s, A Bug’s Life on PS1. For those of you more familiar with the N64 version, it’s basically that with voice acting and using actual move clips as cutscenes. I still remember how great it felt when I was young, to actually feel like I wasn’t just watching the film, but that I was helping it progress. Like how a good game should be; like you’re not just taking part of the game itself, but that there’s an impact to your actions, something beyond getting the game to let you move on to the next mission.

Friday, 14 February 2014 18:54

Nostalgia Goggles 08: When Magic Fades

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I want to start off by apologizing for having not done one of these in like, a month, and for skipping out on a few episodes of the Block Block a while back, some personal issues came up that forced me to take a break from GamingFurever, but we’re back! So let’s jump on that old Nostalgia wagon for a quick look back at a gaming icon who went from hero to zero in no time flat.


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Sef's Obscure Game Gallery: The Firemen

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The year is 2010. Little has progressed over the years as far technology is concerned. The world still spins, and the lives of the people continue to flow with the river of time. It is currently Winter in New York City, and the Metrotech Chemical Company is having their annual Christmas party. While the workers and executives are partying and enjoying the holiday cheer, an unknown danger begins to brew. At 6pm a small fire begins in the kitchen; unfortunately no one seems to notice it.  Due to the abundant amount of chemicals in the building, the fire spreads quickly and rapidly. The building quickly signals the alarm for help. The D-Sector Fire Brigade takes the call, and they send in their two best high-rise firefighters, Pete and Daniel. Pete is the captain of the unit, with Daniel being second-in-command. Together with Max, Walter, and Winona, this elite unit is the only hope of putting out the towering inferno.

Monday, 10 February 2014 23:04

Some Thoughts On The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

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As of the time of this writing it’s been roughly a week or so since I finished The Bureau and the Hanger 6 DLC. Long enough that I’ve had time to short out my frustrations with some aspects and quell myself from the short lived ecstasy that comes from completing most any game.

Boiling it down to it’s simplest form, The Bureau walks, talks, and plays like a slightly poor man’s Mass Effect with a retro aesthetic, but that sells the game pretty short. It’s by no means a fantastic game but it’s more certainly better than most people made it out to be.

Friday, 31 January 2014 20:07

GFNN Podcast For January 31st, 2014

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Prepare yourself for all the news on the site to be rolled into one podcast!


Friday, 24 January 2014 20:14

GFNN Issue 10: Everything You Own Will Break

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What’s Going On At The Gaming Furever Offices?

Sef brings in the week with a look at a game based off one of the most popular songs of all time; Moonwalker (The Michael Jackson One).


All The News You’ll Need

Don’t Starve is getting a new batch of DLC soon.

Project Spark, the world building/ game creating thing from Microsoft is coming to Windows 8 and the Xbox One this February.

Also coming out is this February is a new 'The Wolf Among Us' episode.

Two public service announcements for this week: Final Fantasy VI on android may completely break during a certain story sequence and there's a random bug on the PS4 that might or might not brick your console.

Lightning Returns finally got a demo released that will also give you more outfits for playing.

Resident Evil 4 is making its way to PC, now in HD and with mouse control.

Nintendo seemed to be checking out the idea of developing for smartphones, but since then it looks as though this has been debunked.

Bethesda has been releasing some news about Elder Scrolls Online, including that it's getting an M rating and it’s going to have quite the voice cast.

A European court says it's okay to have homebrewed software on your consoles and handhelds.

CD Projekt Red, the creators of ‘The Witcher’, are teasing us with a new cyberpunk RPG.

Capcom announced that a Dead Rising collection series will be making its way to Europe quite soon.


Podcast Updates!

The new GFBS is out, about, and still as weird as ever.

If you want to get the audio version of what you’re reading her with a little extra talking from our news team, go get the this week’s GFNN podcast.


For Your Viewing Pleasure

We said he was crazy, that he didn’t need to put this on himself, and yet Sef continues to play 'Airport Simulator 2014'.

Our freelance writer Maus Merryjest tackles the hard topic of ‘The Heteronormative Space’ in his debut episode of Word Of Maus.

At this point Acharky wants to talk about anything other than playing Ninja Blade.



That’s a wrap for the week everyone, but stay tuned over the weekend for continuing news coverage and other silly stuff.
See you all next week!


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Sef's Obscure Game Gallery: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

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As the world leaders talk and debate about Desert Strike, there is a hidden evil organization lead by the nefarious Mr. Big. His goal in life, to get the entire world addicted to Heroin. The first stop on the road, children. The organization, known as Bugs and Drugs, kidnaps three homeless children. However, Mr. Big did not count on one man who would stand up to save both the kids and the world. He is a one-man army with powers the world has never seen. He has the powers to entrance everyone to spontaneously break out into dance before they die. This man is… Michael Jackson, and this is Moonwalker!

gfs 29190 2 12

Sega and Michael Jackson created Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker back in 1990 for the Sega Genesis and Arcades everywhere. Moonwalker is based of the motion picture of the same name. While the film was several shorts based off of Michael Jackson songs, the games only focuses on the Smooth Criminal Segment of the film. The plot of both games involves Michael trying to rescue the children from the clutches of Mr. Big, but these games do differ quite a bit. For this edition of Sef’s Obscure Game Gallery, I will be focusing on both games.

For starters, let us begin with how the games are played. The arcade game is a more traditional isometric brawler game. Think of it as Streets of Rage, but with Michael Jackson as the hero. On top of this, the game offers three player co-op! Players will move around the stage shooting lighting out of their hands, yes I said lightning, as they take out waves and waves of enemies. Along the way, Michael will encounter the kidnapped children. As the player frees a child from their force field prison, the child will either give them points, health, or another dance bomb.

When the player hits the dance button, they will activate a bomb. This bomb has got to be the single greatest item in video game history. Once activated a massive spotlight illuminates Michael Jackson as he breaks out dancing, but it does not stop there! The enemies around him will also start to dance! Once everyone has gotten their grove on, the enemy is so bewildered at what happened that they do not see the massive shockwave that is tossed at them. If the enemy count is low, then Michael will toss out his hat to finish off the henchmen.

The last move that Michael can unleash at his foes only occurs if he comes into contact with his pet monkey, Bubbles. When this event happens, the pop sensation turns into Mecha-Jackson! In this form, our hero can fire pelvis missiles and wrist laser cannons for the remainder of the stage. If there are two or more people playing, then only one will become this metal monstrosity!

Michael Jackson MoonWalker

The Sega Genesis version is handled quite differently. For starters the game plays out like a hide and seek game. Michael must transverse three stages in the level he is currently in. To progress through the stage, Michael has to open doors, windows, and look in areas to find Annie. Annie is the only child Mr. Big decided to kidnap for some odd reason, but that won't stop Jackson! So to aid him in his quest, the star has the ability to kick and throw pixie dust at his foes! Yup, the king has given up his sith lightning in favor of throwing glitter at his foes, and truth be told there is charm in this attack. However, if the player allows their health bar to run red, then Michael will lose this ability. He will only be able to attack with his fists and legs, and these have a horrible attack range.

Holding down the attack button and letting go can pull off another attack move. This will cause Jackson to throw his hat to the other side of the screen, killing most enemies in one hit. The player has some movement with the hat, but once the hat returns to its master, the player looses control of it. This is also the way to activate Jackson’s Dance Bomb, but you have to hold the button till you hear Michael shout “Woooo!”. This will cause the enemies on the screen to line up around Michael before they all start to dance in unison. Once the dance is over, the enemies will fall over dead from joy of being in the same dance number of Michael Jackson. However, be warned that there are drawbacks to these moves. By holding down the attack button, the player will sacrifice life for these powerful attacks. To be honest, the Dance Bomb is only good for the end “boss” of the stages, and the hat move is alright if the player is desperate. Thankfully, when the player rescues one of Annie’s many clones, they will reward Michael with a small bit of health!


    The way Michael transforms into the terminator in this game is also quite different. The only way to get the transformation is to rescue a specific Annie first. When the player saves the correct child, a falling start will drop from the sky. Pick it up to turn into Mecha Jackson. It is quite funny because this is the way Michael makes the transformation in the movie. Be careful, the effects of the star are only temporary, but the player has increased firepower and unlimited health.

    Boss battles are handled in ways that fit their respected version. In the arcade game, Michael will go up against some vile creation of Mr. Bigs that ninety-five percent of the time will resemble something that Dr. Eggman would create. The bosses all have patterns that are difficult to master, and each boss is guarantied to make the player lose a few lives (it is an arcade game after all). Once the boss is defeated, Jackson will move on to the next round, and the player is treated with a comic strip cut scene of the story.

    The Genesis version of the game does not have any boss battles at all. In fact the only thing that would count as one is the first-person space combat at the end of the game. Instead of facing bosses, Bubbles the monkey will hop on Jackson’s shoulder. His role in the game is to point the player to the end of the level. Once there, Mr. Big will walk in, shout, “You’ll Never Catch Me!”, walk off, and then the player is swarmed with enemies. This is really the only time that the Dance Bomb is effective in the game. In stages one and two, Mr. Big will throw around weak enemies who will all die from the dance. In stage three, there will be one or two larger foes who wont go down easily. Once the screen is clear of enemies, Annie will come out…. again… and thank Michael for rescuing her.

gfs 29190 3 2

    Now normally when talking about a game based off of a Pop icon, most people will not care about gameplay. Most people will care about how the music is handled in the game, and I can safely say without a doubt the soundtracks to these games are just perfect! The games utilize the sound system found in Sega hardware perfectly, and each sixteen-bit tune of Jackson’s songs are flawless. Instantly, the fans will fall in love with how “Smooth Criminal” and “Beat It” are converted with the sound system. The arcade version of “Bad” always gets a chuckle out of me when I hear a digitized version of Michael shout out “Who’s bad?”

    If there were any point in this game that the music dropped the ball would be in the graveyard level. Now think about it. When one thinks of graveyards and Michael Jackson, what is the one song that should always come to mind? “Thriller”. There are zombies that player fights in these stages, so of course “Thriller” would be the obvious choice! Unfortunately, this is not the case. For some odd, and I mean really odd, decision, Sega went with “Another Part of Me” as the song to use with the level. Do not get me wrong; I love “Another Part of Me”. That song has to be my second favorite Jackson song next to “Smooth Criminal”, but it has no right, nor place, to be in the graveyard level. Hell, not even the enemies in the arcade version do the “Thriller” dance when the player bombs them. At least the Genesis version uses the correct dance, but the music is still wrong. Now there are rare beta copies of the Genesis version out there that have “Thriller” as the stage music, but they are next to impossible to come across.

    Regardless of what version of the Moonwalker people play, these games are just fantastic! They took a great piece of cinema history and turned it into a movie tie-in that does not suck. That takes a considerable amount of talent due to the fact that most movie tie-in games DO suck! (I’m looking at you ET). Even if players are not a fan of Michael, these games are quirky and fun. I really hope folks will give these games a shot because nothing is better than hearing a synthesized voice shouting “Woooooo!”


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