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Fire Emblem Heroes: The Year of the Beast Featured

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They might say that this is the Year of the Pig, but as far as I’m concerned 2019 will be the Year of the Beast, with the hugely popular mobile title, Fire Emblem: Heroes, finally getting beast units as of earlier this month! The first confirmed units (all from the Radiant Series) will be Tibarn, Leanne, Reyson and Nailah.
These are all great (especially Tibarn), but this got me thinking though … what fluffs, birbs, or dergons did I want to come to the game? After all, if you include the sprinkling of beast units over the more recent titles, there’s a fair few to choose from. So, here you go, my five picks of beasts I want to see in Fire Emblem: Heroes!

[1] Ranulf
Many furs had Robin Hood as their entry point into the fandom, or Nick Wilde, or Tony the Tiger. My personal entry point was Ranulf, the spirited cat Laguz from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.
This adorable and lighthearted fluff is as defiant as he is clever, hoodwinking his way out of trouble and even not bowing to the inherent anti-Laguz sentiments that some Beorc have. He doesn’t have the greatest stats or stat growth, but his intuitive nature and inherent cheekiness win me all the way over. Oh, and the fact he is gorgeous doesn’t exactly hinder his case either

[2] Panne
I must admit, I was tempted to put Yarne on here instead of Panne through sheer personal preference, but Panne is actually the better character overall.
Not only does she have fairly decent stats, but her writing is pretty good too, with her bitterness and resentment at potentially being the last survivor of the Taguel coming through pretty strongly. Also, as she grew up away from civilised society, owing to the genocide of her race in her infancy, she has some of the most endearing and sweet interactions with other characters that can be found in almost any game.

[3] Kaden
Anyone who knows me would have seen this pick coming, because I seem to really have a thing for this narcissistic and petulant Kitsune.
Appearing in Fire Emblem: Fates, this silly fluff is actually tremendously strong owing to a very high speed stat making him difficult to hit by enemies, made only greater when he later becomes a Nine-Tales. My soft spot for him, however, blossomed during the first person interactions with him where you can invite him to your room in Fates (stop it), and every line is mischievous with a little bit of shyness there. My one true weakness.

[4] Volug
If Nailah is in the game, if would make sense for her right-hand wolf to join the fray too.
His calm manner and the fact he spends the entire game fluffing topless both endeared him to me immediately. That’s not all though, because Volug is a fairly decent unit to start out with a solid set of base stats. In fact, he’s only let down by poor growth on said stats. This doesn’t matter too much though, because he more than makes up for this with his keen wit later in the game, making some very entertaining observations once he picks up the Tellius tongue.

[5] Ena
I know that Manaketes are in Heroes already, but they simply do not count. I want a proper dragon in the game, and I would love that unit to be the Red Dragon Laguz, Ena.
In fact, I would have placed her higher if not for the fact that she isn’t available as a playable character for too long, and during that time she isn’t the most viable unit of her kind. However, she definitely deserves a place on this list simply for her personality as she is resolute in her beliefs throughout yet approaches her duty with a stoic grace. It’s a shame she starts out on the wrong side, really.

So that’s my five beasts I want to appear in Fire Emblem: Heroes! Do you have any you think I’ve missed?
Do you prefer Keaton over Kaden in Fates? Let us know on Twitter, @GamingFurever  and catch you next time!

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