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Thursday, 01 August 2013 13:34

Laika Believes Gets Funded Featured

Written by  Acharky Fox
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Earlier I had reported on "Laika Believes: The Sun at Night" an episodic 2D action game featuring Russia's first doggy astronaut in an alternate history. Earlier the folks at Minicore Studios behind the game were seeking to raise an additional $100,000 from Kickstarter to fund the project. Well some good news has come in as Minicore has received private funding according to an official statement from the fundraiser's official page. Minicore CEO John Warran gave the following statement.

"Not too long after our Kickstarter launched we reached a deal to privately fund major aspects of remaining development for Laika Believes. We didn't get those details finalized until last week, so we wanted to keep the Kickstarter up in case something different happened. This might leave you asking: "well why did you start a Kickstarter if you were trying to privately fund the game?"

A few quick notes. Aside from lots of design duties, my job is to make sure we can continue development of what we're working on. This means, essentially, always being open to different funding sources. At the time our Kickstarter campaign launched, Kickstarter was our best option. We're happy to be funded no matter what, but it was rather unexpected that we'd be able to privately fund what we were asking for. However, we're not at all regretful that we started out with this campaign, because because meeting and getting to talk to folks excited about Laika Believes is awesome."

Not long after this statement Minicore explains further plans for Laika Believes and has started another Kickstarter in the hopes of raising $20,000 more for the purposes of further enhancing the game's sound design and looking into localization for numerous territories given that the game has shown a good amount of appeal from players all over the world. If Minicore can raise enough cash they plan to include language options for Russian and Spanish with others to follow. There are also rumors that Minicore may attempt to bring Laika Believes to consoles given the recent developments with Xbox One and Microsoft's descision to self publish.

Currently Minicore plans to bring Laika Believes to the PC with no release date currently set. As always I'll keep my ears perked for more news and developments of this exciting looking game.

Kickstarter Page

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