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While surfing the internet I ran by this big project for minecraft. While being a major Zelda fan that I am and own a copy of Minecraft, I decided to give it a try, turn WZMR (Zelda Radio) and jumped into the game. I went into the servers with my little block fox and was amazed as I started off at the Temple of time and saw everything in place. I then walked out and went into the castle town and was pretty impressed at the buildings and placement where everything is as exact as it can be given Minecrafts limitations on angles. While other players started a game of hide and seek in the server, I continued on my journey though Block Hyrule to Hyrule Castle where I relived my times through the Garden maze and then entered the castle which was a great look of what it would look like inside in the actual game every room and large hallway entered taking my breath with really great builds.


Leaving the castle I decided to run through the town again to get the Hyrule Field and towards Lon Lon Ranch. Entering everything is in place as was in the game minus the furniture in the bedroom and the stable gates in the stable. But in the center is the big corral filled with cows and pigs (No horses in minecraft) and some chickens here and there. I leave the ranch and headed towards Kakariko Village in which first thing you notice is the large signature windmill. I did some exploring into some of the houses and ran into the graveyard where I was greeted by the sign up above titling the place and jumped into a the three grave holes thanking goodness Redead were not in there to greet me but after entering the royal families tomb avoiding the lava and paying my respects, I decided to then climb death mountain. Where the Dodongos cavern was not much done, the Goron city was finely built and even went into the mountain crater. After falling into lava and returning to the Holy Temple of Time, I decided to run to Zoras Domain.


Walking up Zoras River, Thanking goodness the current wasnt strong enough to sweep me down the river whenever I went for a swim, I make it to the giant waterfall leading into the domain. Jumping in through the falls, I make it into the domain which was greatly put together. As I wander to the throne room I swim/run down the path to Jabu Jabu's area in which luckily the fish decided to take a vacation so didnt get eaten. As I leave the Domain I walk further up the newer looking path that wasnt in the game and was amazed to see the possible connection of the area in the back of the domain, to the waterfall entrance, and the rivers entirety in their watery connection which was an awesome plus. So I leave the river and make my way to the forest.

Entering the Kokiri Forest, first thing going through my mind was hoping not suffering from the forest curse and turn Stalfos. Well I wasn't since it was minecraft and scripting an avi change wasnt possible but the fanboy in me just wanted to think that. But did think I should pay council to the Great Deku Tree. After heading to his meadow he invited me into his mouth which lead to his dungeon which was fully done. After having to return home getting into Queen Ghomas entrance, I decided to leave the Lost Woods to the people wanting to visit by reading this article. So I decided I head to Greudo Valley.

Entering the Valley, crossing the bridge, and getting to the Greudo Fortress, I decided to check out the whole place which was put on spot while the desert was closed of for construction, I did enjoy walking around checking out the other places. After leaving the trip ends when I head to the Majestic Lake Hyrule. Going around the lake exploring around and enjoying a little swim. I went to the fishing hole to enjoy some sights of the fish hole which isnt available yet. Then ended my trip by enjoying the sunset as the sun settled signifying night and what a sight it was.


Bottom line of this little Minecraft server. It is insanely good and the first of its kind. First whole game world recreated in the world of Minecraft and done right. 8 months of working on and still going. After completion the crew will be open for roleplays and all that as well with guilds, factions, Npcs, quests, etc. I for one cannot wait for this to be finished so I can relive my favorite zelda moments in a blocky world. If it were a game review, I would give this a 10/10 for the epicness and design. This has to be the best fan based design of a thing in a sandbox game I have ever bore witness to. 


Their page is located here with the server number and the alpha map download:



Though here is the server IP:




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