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  • InexplicableWolf1135
    4 hours 32 minutes ago

    I'm amped up......Just saw the new Jurassic World trailer; It looks pretty awesome. I'm glad that they're finally continuing the series after almost 14 years of stagnant activity from the directors. The storyline looks promising for them not having the original cast.

    Here's the link if you would like to see it:…

  • enigma530 replied to the topic 'The Texture Pop' in the forum.

    The Texture Pop: Episode 17: Ubi-bros is one of the most bizarre things I've ever recorded:

  • Shadow Centota link a video.
    8 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Lain
    11 hours 10 minutes ago

    MonsterHunter 3U Streaming learning HBG's the hardway.

    LainSzvahl [720p] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Learning Heavy Bowguns the hard way.
  • SerenityXZero
    12 hours 23 minutes ago

    Gonna be streaming soon, planning on finally doing Carol's adventure in Freedom Planet…

    SerenityXZero Freedom Planet | PC | Blind! (Day 4 - Carol's Adventure)
  • Belvie

    Haven't been around much but it's always nice to come back!

  • Belvie replied to Steam Names! List em!
    yesterday… added mine ages ago but it's changed since then so feel free to add me!

  • Shadow Centota link a video.
  • DJ WOOF is friends with ChubWolfAZ
  • InexplicableWolf1135 posted a new discussion

    2 days ago

    Good ol' Memories........

    For those of you out there that happen to play airsoft.....What is your favorite story or event that happened either to you or a friend?

    Airsoft Furs
  • Blackrose Gamer
    2 days ago

    Minecraft Sunday: Different Place Same Rules.…

  • Thrifty Wolf Smash Bros.
    2 days ago

    So who picked up Smash Bros. Wii U? I know I did, and its pretty good, well aside from Smash Tours and 8-Player battles being too confusing.

  • Shadow Centota link a video.
    3 days ago
    Life Update

    Yeah, sorry that ive been gone. Hopefully i will get time to schedule some older videos for uploads

  • ButtonSmasherIcy Mirror's Edge Furs
    3 days ago… here ya go =3 a start of a playthough of mirror's edge! ^^ the first part's sound isnt that great but the next few parts are way better enjoy!

  • Cybercheetahfox1
    3 days ago

    Lay back saturday with Cybercheetah: Playing League of Legends Aram…

  • WolframHeart Steam Furs
    3 days ago

    Does anyone else have this problem when you start up steam suddenly all the games you've installed say that they need to be installed and then have to go through the process of getting steam to "Discover Existing Game Files"?

  • Flipper Vix
    3 days ago

    Add me on Xbox 360! Wolves Fight

  • WolframHeart
    3 days ago

    Ok, I had a weird dream last night and at one point I was literally a Pyro from TF2! I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but maybe I don't want to know.

  • LaskiNightcat shared 3 photos in the Fursona album
    3 days ago

    An anthro black panther who loooves gaming
  • LaskiNightcat uploaded a new Profile cover

    3 days ago