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  • ButtonSmasherIcy Youtube Furs!
    21 minutes ago… Come watch me play this amazing chirstmas game! its free if anyone wants to play it!

  • meowseverywhere replied to the topic 'Hello Hello! Mrow! ^w^' in the forum.

    *meows happily* *clears throat* Sorry about that. Hi, nice to meet you. My name is meowseverywhere and I'm proud to be a furry óÔÔò *meows happily* *high paw*

  • meowseverywhere replied to the topic 'What's your fursona's "theme song"?' in the forum.

    My furonas theme song is Adventure Time by Rogue. My fursona is always happy, outgoing, and always friendly to people

  • meowseverywhere
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  • ImATrueFURRY
    4 hours 37 minutes ago

    some people think furries practice beastiality -_- facepaw

    meowseverywhere People who hate furries are probably stereotypes who are 10-12 years old who hate on something for attention. Plus, they suck at grammer, showing that they are completely and idioticly dumb.
    3 hours 40 minutes ago
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    5 hours 9 minutes ago

    This is not my fettish

  • Blackrose Gamer
    5 hours 31 minutes ago

    The Kingdom Hearts Event Continues. - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Proud Mode) - (Type !hearts in chat for more detail)…

    Blackrose_Gamer The Kingdom Hearts Event Continues. - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Proud Mode) - (Type !hearts in chat for more detail) HTTP://
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    meowseverywhere Doesn't look like it
    12 minutes ago
  • meowseverywhere replied to What is you're favorite artists from any music genre?
    7 hours 39 minutes ago

    Me too! I have the full album of there 3 album they made, Phobia.

  • meowseverywhere
    8 hours 27 minutes ago

    The writer in me has shown himself, and it should always be that way throughout my life.

    meowseverywhere Thanks ^_^
    12 minutes ago
  • meowseverywhere JoJoJoshua
    8 hours 37 minutes ago

    I posted my story on a form, if you want to read it, go to my profile and hit "Introduction(Evil Angel) Tell me what you think!" Thanks for the advice on how to post my story! *meows happily*

  • MetaYoshi
    13 hours 45 minutes ago

    It's a status. What more do you want?

  • CDMargaret created a new topic ' Friend Codes & QR codes' in the forum.

    Margaret (me): 4141-4658-8125
    Donna (sister): 3583-1201-3529

    Attached are tomodachi QR codes for me and my sister also. My year is 1992 and her year is 1986

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  • ImATrueFURRY meowseverywhere
    20 hours 13 minutes ago

    i like it so far

    ImATrueFURRY welcome
    7 hours ago
  • meowseverywhere created a new topic ' Introduction(Evil Angel) Tell me what you think!' in the forum.

    Introduction(Evil Angel)

    "Where am I?", Simon didn't have the siltiest clue of where he was or why he was there in the first place. All he remembered was he was in his bed sleeping. The first thing he saw in front of him as a black figure that looked a lot like Miles, his brother, but he was standing emotionless. He had his eyes closed and he was slouching.

    "Miles, is that you?", Miles didn't respond. He was still standing there with a bright light blinding Simon. Simon attempted to put his hand on Miles shoulder but his hand went through his body. Simon couldn't understand what was happening and if this was even reality. Miles turned his body the opposite way and started to walk into the light.

    "Where are you going, bro?", Miles still didn't respond to Simon and continued to walk ahead. Simon felt something clutch onto his wrist tightly and yanked him backwards.

    "Wait up!", Simon tried to tear off what was clutched on his hand. It looked like a bandage on his wrist and it was getting tighter as he tries to fight it. Another bandage strapped onto his chest. The bandage on his wrist was tight that it started bleeding and was syncing into his skin and more bandages were poring in to stop him from reaching Miles.

    "MILES, HELP...PLEASE!!", Miles continued to ignore Simon to leave him for his end. Tears was falling from Simons cheeks as he was afraid he will never experience his brother. While Simon is being dragged into hell, he was thinking about the times he had with Miles, and how he could relive those memories.

    "DON'T LEAVE ME HERE, PLEASE! YOUR MY BROTHER...PEASE HELP!!!", It was too late, Miles disappeared into the heavenly light. More bandages were grabbing Simon by the legs and making him flip on his back. Soon, the bandages formed into a spider web. The pain was unbearable for Simon to withstand. A black, thick smoke surrounded Simon and he knew that this was his end.


  • meowseverywhere JoJoJoshua
    22 hours 17 minutes ago

    Hey, Jojo, I saw that my comment about your ineagement and those three pics were removed, did you remove them, and if you did, sorry about getting into your personal life and Iwill not do it again.

    meowseverywhere Your welcome, just wishing you good luck!
    8 minutes ago
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  • CODKyle22
    22 hours 26 minutes ago… IM LIVE!!!

    CODKyle22 Happy Birthday Derek and Happy Holidays!!!
    meowseverywhere thanks *meow happily*
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