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  • Blackrose Gamer
    2 hours 35 minutes ago

    The Halloween Face Your Fears Event - Corpse Party…

  • InexplicableWolf1135
    5 hours 53 minutes ago

    Happy Howloween Everyone!

    P.S.- If you're wondering: Yes, that was intentional.

  • Shadow Centota
    5 hours 54 minutes ago

    Super spooky stream…

  • Blackrose Gamer
    7 hours 41 minutes ago

    Digimon Friday Stream And Then Halloween Event -…

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  • SerenityXZero
    10 hours 38 minutes ago

    Okay, gonna stream in a few and hopefully play some persona since last night that didn't happen due to derpness…

    SerenityXZero STREAM POSTPONED FOR TONIGHT! | SMT: Persona 3 FES | The Journey | PS2
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  • Shadow Centota
    11 hours 36 minutes ago

    Halloween stream tonight! So excited =3

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  • BadPoetCinna replied to the topic 'Furry Youtubers =D' in the forum.

    Thanks Mursa! I tend to commission title cards from people, considering I have the creativity of a tree stump. Also, it's a good way to get other people to know you do videos.

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  • Mursa replied to the topic 'Furry Youtubers =D' in the forum.

    I greatly Envy your title cards Cinna

  • Cybercheetahfox1

    Takeing it easy With Cybercheetah in Hexakill…

  • Skyzer replied to the topic 'Hey Everyone!' in the forum.

    Welcome to the Gaming Furever Commmunity!

    My name is Skyzer but some people call me Skye.

    I myself have only been here for a month or so but I have enjoyed it and hope you do as well. :cheer:

  • BadPoetCinna

    I am he, and he is me!

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  • SerenityXZero

    stupid capture card issues, i'ma have to postpone the stream for now while i try to fix this. if anything i'll just stream the game tomorrow for casual fridays.

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  • BadPoetCinna replied to the topic 'Any good scary games?' in the forum.

    Which's House
    Mad Father
    Outlast + Whistleblower
    SCP: Containment Breach
    The Cursed Forest
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Amnesia: Machine for Pigs
    SOMA (Amnesia spiritual sequel that should be released next year.)
    Limbo (Technically)
    Crooked Man
    Mermaid Swamp
    Babysitter Bloodbath
    Black Rose

    To list the stuff that I know of!

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  • BadPoetCinna replied to the topic 'Wish that never came true? :))' in the forum.

    My wish is kind of close to yours.

    I wished I could of played varsity on my high school soccer team. I got to play one game where a player on the opposing team broke my ankle.

    That being said, sports are so fun to play. XD